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My First Project: Design and Fabrication of a Cost-Effective Spin Coater

Hi there!

I would like to share with you my first project "Low Cost Spin Coater Device" that I made for the Engineering Design class I took in my undergraduate education in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

With this project, I aimed to support the free software philosophy through to the project's completely free and open source design, which has MIT License, and to make the product accessible to a wider audience than the ones sold in the market with low cost.

The spin coating method is a commonly used coating method to obtain uniform thin material films, usually polymers, on the surface of a substrate using the concept of centrifugal force. This method, which is easy to use, safe and inexpensive, is highly preferred for many applications where high quality layers are required such as microcircuit manufacturing, compact discs, magnetic disk coatings, polymer electronic devices.

The device allows the user to define up to 10 different stages in 500-7200 RPM and 5-3600 seconds intervals, except for 5 different quick programs in its memory.

The device, which I completed with a cost of less than 70$, can reach the desired speeds within an average of 5 seconds and keep it constant with an average of 6% error. This error can decrease to 2% at high speeds.

You can access all parts of the project on GitHub and use it as you wish.

GitHub Link:

SpinCoater Project Result

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