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Aishwarya Shrestha

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get started with vue.

hi there,

for getting started to learn vue framework, you know the grind of reading the doc Vue.js has provided/ watching this gold Vue Mastery videos or numerous youtube videos and simply experimenting with the template laid out after creating the project by typing vue create projectName.

but from the one year experience as js developer followed by one and a half years of experience i've had with building a full stack application as a Vue developer (with my friend working on the backend side) is that you need to care about the thing that you're building. we are in this day and age where we're bombarded with opportunities as developer if you really have the skills, but finding the thing that you care about or finding a problem you want to solve (for maybe your community/ maybe your loved ones) is the key to become a good developer.

at least that's one of the way that's worked for me to understand the framework better, cause when something you care about doesn't work; you try to make it work giving your 100%.

good thing about software you can fix the code and it's as good as new.

thinking in this way really helps and you'll exactly know what you're using to fix what ain't working.

planning to make posts for little things i learned on my way to building a full stack application as a vue developer.

have a good day. :)

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