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Dev Ops? What would a beginner position look like? I’m self taught

What would a beginner position look for? Is Dev Ops a good start for someone starting with web design?

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Jonathan Boudreau • Edited

In terms of "Devops engineer" positions out there, not really. However, being a frontend developer that knows ops is a very useful skill. Many organizations who implement DevOps may not have actual "DevOps engineer" positions, and instead make the developers responsible for some aspects of operations.

Some subjects that touch frontend include (but are not limited to):

  • writing automated tests (see testing pyramid)
  • automating code quality checks through linting, automated dependency auditing, etc
  • implementing a CI pipeline; running code quality checks and tests on every pull request
  • Understanding etags, cache control, etc
  • Deploying a static site to a CDN
  • Building observability into your frontend using tools like sentry or datadog
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Thank you, I’m not too familiar with Ci pipeline, tests, catch... what you’ve mentioned. I’m familiar with React and Vue, and the layout of how things flow using them. I’ve recently gotten interested in Django and Python. The APIs of Django REST Framework interests me.

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No. DevOps is a little advanced and requires a strong background in a few areas.

I wrote a short free ebook if you’re curious about how to break into the industry:

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Dendi Handian • Edited

One thing for sure, DevOps doesn't design a web. They help the developer to set up the web on a server and make it live & integrated.