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HOW DO YOU TRULY GET STARTED? (How does free work.... work?)

I’m trying to get started with Web Design. I’ve been mainly using React and Vue. But recently I’ve been focusing on Python/Django because I want to be more specific to what I do.
Styling can be anything at times.
I’ve gotten the tip to start “free work” to gain experience, HOW DO I TRULY START DOING THAT?

Recently, (opposite way) I helped someone with a Wix Website, for free. The first site she had was bad, I helped and it looks great, BUT, she was ungrateful at the end and the FREE WORK, really was nowhere near what I wanted to do. No code, nothing.
So, what type of “FREE WORK” should I look for? “HOW” I want to try and get a entrepreneur/ shadowing position (free) but I don’t Know what to look for.

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