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How often do you run into “VANILLA” of html, css, JS?

With JavaScript, tutorials have been aweful to get a true “context” to learn what is taught, in a real example, instead of “console log” the answer or what it does.... it’s not truly used.

I’ve been trying vanilla JS in a external sheet, and I mess up because it’s just not truly used right in tutorials.
I like when it’s in React, and things are setup better.
But by itself, there’s a longer way to go around.... that’s just not truly taught right.

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Oskars Germovs

well, this is why practice and practice again.

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I know, tho.... it’s not widely “used” in a vanilla way, so you overlook things because it’s not really used like that? There’s allot of “console.log” yet, not truly implemented.

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Warren Dugan