PyCharm/ WebStorm vs VIsual Studio Code

yobretyo profile image Bret ・1 min read

Is PyCharm worth it to pay for over VSCode?
I’m catching onto Django and I like it.
Also, is Webstorm good?
What are the pros and cons?


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The jetbrains software is really good, but I switched from webstorm to visual studio for many reasons

  • Free vs expensive
  • Fast vs bloated
  • Lots of plugins vs limited company curated

The only thing I really miss are the great autocompletes and stuff, it's just next level.


Ok, would it be better for the whole suite of programs? Or just PyCharm? ....therre are the different plans with individual vs teams


Not sure on the pricing these days, but i know the seperate ones like pycharm really just do one thing
Why not get started with Vscode? saying because it's free

I am using VsCode, but allot of people are always quoting PyCharm. Can the “community, FREE” version of PyCharm, use Django? It says on the site on what’s supported, Django dosnt have a check mark, but does that mean I can’t use it?


Somewhere on the internet I read that "Webstorm is IDE, VSCode is editor", and I agree with this.
I use both of them. Webstorm at work and VSCode at home. For me Webstoms is much better because it's more intuitive, it helps me to write code.
When I use VSCode I always struggle with tons of small problems, like incredibly strange hot-keys...

Upd: Webstorm also has a lot of plugins, not so much as VSCode, but they looks more professional.


Depends on how much of a power user you are. If you are doing just regular development on a day to day basis then Visual Studio Code works just fine.

However, if you believe some JetBrains features such as their collaboration tools and certain UIs which automate a bunch of things for you can allow you to be more productive, then the paid version might be worth it.

I personally have a license for all JetBrains IDEs and use them extensively on a daily basis, couldn't be more happier.


Is there a feature where you hover over a section/class that it shows what it actually looks like?


I sticked to PyCharm for Django (especially with that very nice Vuejs plugin for the frontent...).

VSCode has plugins indeed. Bazillions of plugins. Most of them are trash and unreliable. You spend weeks configuring your IDE. At the end you probably succeed, but...


How about with Webstorm?