Vue.js vs Django/Python which would you prefer when and for what?

yobretyo profile image Bret ・1 min read

In between Vue and Python/Django

Which do you prefer for to use for what?

I’ve been using django and I like it. It kinda goes back to a more of a “vanilla” way of things, where vue has more condensed components and state, ect...

But, which one has more demand or stable?

Is Vue/React in more demand than Python?
Which has more “entry” opportunities?

It seems like a GUI like Kivy, looks like how components/objects are made in a JS framework (kinda), when would you use a GUI, how often?


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The javascript libraries are definitely more in demand than Python if you want a career building web apps. I have tried to learn both Vue and React, but I gave up after some time and stuck to Django templates for writing my frontend. I use vanilla js wherever necessary.

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Bret Author

I like React over vue, but I’m starting to like vue more because React helped me understand vanilla JS better. I’m not good at vanilla JS in a plain sheet.
Python is reminding me of JS, but it seems to have more opportunities like DS and ML, but I’m not sure about those.
The “look” of swift intrigues me, but I don’t want to learn a very directed language like that. .....
I’m kinda wondering about Java now, or maybe C#

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Bret Author

"Swift" looks like its both programing and style? or, its kinda like objects like in React, in a way?