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Release0.2 week one

The first pull request is hard for me, and I searched suitable for my level project in 3 days. The simple issue will be assigned soon, if I follow the tutorial to look for it. Most people focus on large, high ranked projects, and I can't get a easy issue from those projects. I changed my mind and looked for a website on the Internet to help find "good first issue". I found a blog that provide me some helpful information that I can look for a small project. Finally, I find a project named Chords. This project focus on making our own Discord Music Bot for our Discord Community.

The issue

The issue named "Beautify the readme section". The problem is that the readme right now looks dull and the owner want the contributor to beautify the readme section. The contributor is free to come up with ideas or choose whatever tool necessary to improve the README.

How to do

I searched some music icons and saved them in a new folder named icon. I chose six icons and added them to the I am not sure if the owner like this style, so I push a draft PR and inform the owner. The owner like the style and I continue to finish it. 1633747662(1)
The icon should be placed to the left of the title, and the size of the icon should match the text. I use the following code to achieved the goal.



  1. Double check the content which need to push to GitHub, and avoid uploading confidential or redundant content. I uploaded my Discord Rot token. Fortunately, it was found and deleted by the owner.

2.Don't wait for perfection before PR. The reason why my issue hasn't been closed is the pursuit of perfection.

Now I have the experience of searching projects. I hope I can find projects as soon as possible next week. This week's project is very simple. I hope to rewrite the code next week.

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