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Top 10 AngularJS Developer Tools in 2022

Since the pandemic, a large chunk of developers has invested in creating their online presence. This has added to the popularity of online development tools and frameworks. Amongst the many frameworks that have flourished AngularJS has proved to be one of the best front-end frameworks in 2021 and will continue to do the same in the time to follow.

This blog written by a technical writer workes at top-notch AngularJS development company is all about the top AngulasJS developer tools that are available in the market.

Here’s a list that shares insights on the same.

Top AngularJS Developer Tools Available in the Market

Tools actually make the life of developers easy by improving code quality and fostering dynamic web development. It’s evident that Angular offers some of the most popular Javascript frameworks available in the market today. Here is a list curated specially for you that shares the benefits of AngularJS while developing websites or web apps.


Google’s AngularJS development team has created Karma which is a testing automation tool. The USP of this framework is that it allows developers to test code in a real environment and therefore has become one of the best QAs in the market. The biggest perk of using the same is that one gets to try their code on true-to-life devices rather than stimulations.


If you plan to use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript then WebStorm is one of the best options in terms of a commercial integrated development environment. The development tool is created using the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA platforms. The stand-out feature of WebStorm is that it runs dozens of code inspections to write more maintainable and reliable code. Using the same one doesn’t have to worry about creating errors while renaming a component or at the GIT. Apart from this, it offers a customizable environment, quick navigation, and built-in developer tools.


Protractor is an amalgamation of many techs namely Mocha, Cucumber, Selenium, Jasmine, and Webdriver. The platform offers an automated and interactive development environment. It will also automatically sync web pages, offer end-to-end testing on real browsers, and much more. One of the other perks of using Protractor is that it offers rapid testing removing the access ‘pause’ and ‘rest’ time.


This is one of the most important tools for JavaScript and AngularJS framework testing. It’s a personal favorite for developers due to its flexibility and reporting. Using the same programmers can use its extensive library to acquire information. While using Mocha it becomes extremely easy to detect leaks, auto-exit, seek browser, and asynchronous support.


The platform has been designed for NodeJS but with AngularJS and it’s used with Karma. Jasmine doesn’t place its dependency on browsers and other external dependencies while indulging in an interactive method. It’s efficient in identifying JS classes while also offering the convenience of reading, writing, and testing code. A stand-out feature of this tool is that it allows you to develop behavior-driven applications.

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This framework centers on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is an open-source and free IDE. Aptana is inspired by Eclipse and is a great tool for creating rapid web apps and websites. It also supports better source code management with GIT integration. It offers intuitive capabilities for debugging with its in-built debugger while also offering an environment to customize commands. To reduce developer efforts the framework has been created in a tree-based manner.

Angular Fire

As the name suggests the framework introduces fire while developing AngularJS applications. The framework is primarily used to create the backend of the applications. It makes the development process extremely easier by offering features like flexible API, synchronized 3-way data real-time binding, automatic data storage, and other rapid app development capabilities.

This framework offers flexibility by staying independent of jQuery. The tool also introduces one to macros and mentions widgets. One can also implement the directive into the selectable elements and text inputs.


ng-Inspector happens to be a browser extension that has been supported by renowned browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The tool acts as an effective assistant that understands and debugs AngularJS code, helps developers code, and succeeding apps. To locate errors and inconsistencies, ng-Inspector offers an inspection pane. It also has a range of directives and controllers to identify and depict scope. It can also help developers troubleshoot by adding an auditor sheet to the browser.


This is a framework with minimal code requirements that powers command like GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE. The framework is perfect while creating web apps that use RESTful APIs for data consumption. This enhances the app performance while streamlining the entire process. This makes Restangular a popular development tool.

Bonus tool-


If you’re a newbie then Angular-gettext is the perfect tool for code translations. The platform is highly known for efficiently translating annotated blocks of code into natural language.

Wrapping Up

So, the preceding were the AngularJS development tools that are a developer’s top choice for creating performant, dynamic, and feature-rich AngularJS apps. One might have to get in touch with an AngularJS development company to hire AngularJS developers who are experienced and experts at their jobs. Have you developed a project using AngularJS or are planning to do so? Share your views in the comments section.

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Anastasia Stefanyuk

Die Auswahl der besten Entwickler-Tools für AngularJS in 2022 erleichtert Entwicklern das Erstellen robuster Anwendungen. Diese Tools, von IDEs bis hin zu Testframeworks, optimieren den Entwicklungsprozess und verbessern die Qualität. Für AngularJS Entwickler sind solche Ressourcen entscheidend, um effizientere und qualitativ hochwertige Codes zu produzieren.