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Reason Why Being a Programmer is Awesome

Awesome Programmer

Why being a programmer is awesome? You might ask that question to yourself but there is 17 reason why being a programmer is awesome and here is the list below:

  1. Being part of a global industry where everyone knows that arrays start at zero ;)

  2. Being challenged every day.

  3. Learning something new every day.

  4. The opportunity to be creative with your own ideas.

  5. Having StackOverFlow and Google as your lovely friends!

  6. Technology is the future, and it will be here for a long time.

  7. Having the power to change the world with your code.

  8. Having the skills to become a freelancer or start your own business easily!

  9. Making time consuming tasks super fast!

  10. Making pretty decent money.

  11. Discovering new open source tools and resources.

  12. Making other people's lives easier with your work.

  13. Being able to work at home.

  14. There is always room to learn more.

  15. No worries of the development industry disappearing.

  16. Being able to learn anything you need on the internet.

  17. Caring about what color your IDE theme is :)

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Top comments (3)

tobiassn profile image
Tobias SN

I have a feeling that No. 1 was directed at Lua.

emmabostian profile image
Emma Bostian ✨

Being fluent in languages you can't speak out loud :D

yogeswaran79 profile image

Exactly, cause no one will understand xD