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Getting Started with Deno

Yong Sopheaktra
I’m just a simple, down-to-earth developer. I recently fall in love with JavaScript and NodeJS.
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TLDR: Deno could replace Node in the next Decades. So come back a decade from now. Otherwise, let’s be the first!

What is Deno?

Deno is a JavaScript (and TypeScript) runtime with secure defaults. Like Node.js, it is also built on V8.

Why Deno?

  • Deno is secure by default. Unlike Node, you have to specify system access such as a file, network, environment access, etc.
  • It supports TypeScript out of the box. Thus you don’t need to install the TypeScript compiler separately.
  • And a lot more. Last but not least, it is created by the same man, Ryan Dahl, who created Node.js a decade ago. So if he decided to create a new one, it would mean …… well, you figured it out yourself. If you have 30mn to spare, watch his presentation about 10 things he regrets about Node.js.

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