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Yossi Abramov
Yossi Abramov

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Udemy Course Recommendation

Traversy media has always been one of my favorite resources for learning web technologies. From tutorials designed for absolute beginners to advanced developers – Traversy is a great instructor.

I’ve just finished the 20 Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript course by Traversy Media on Udemy and it was amazing! Traversy has a gift for presenting complex concepts and ideas in a clear no BS way. Every project in this course is short, easy to follow and centers around a specific topic or set of topics in JS and CSS.

The projects include working with the SpeechRecognition API, SpeechSynthesis API, canvas, CSS transitions and much more.

Also, I really recommend taking Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass) and Modern JavaScript From The Beginning by Traversy before watching this course.

I hope you will find these courses excellent – like I did!

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jouo profile image

I like that guy, I have seen his YouTube videos!

I will take your suggestion as I plan to learn JavaScript in a future :)