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Day 00: 30 Days of Codewars.js

Youssef Rabei
I'm a 17 years old Javascript enthusiast, Front-End Web Developer 👨‍💻, Musician 🎻 🎹 and a Photographer 📷, Who's probably making coffee ☕ right now.
Updated on ・1 min read

So I want to increase my javascript problem solving skills by "duh" solving problems or in this case "kata" on codewars for the next month.

I will post my progress everyday or week (didn't decided yet) on this series called 30 Days of Codewars.js with the problem(s) I solved and how I solved it, what was hard about these problems etc...

And if anyone has a better way to solve the "kata" please let me know in the comments.

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