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Learning Javascript

yrajaram112 profile image Yrajaram112 ・1 min read

Hello fellas,
Hope you are doing great.

The thing is I have recently started learnig front-end from very basic. And I learnt HTML/CSS and built some basic project pages using them. You can check in my profile.

Now I started learning ##Javascript.
I watched basic tutorial on youtube of basic output perform conditional and logical operation.

Now what step should I take??
Suggestions and comments.

Let's grow together.
DEVSOR happy coding.

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V. Rohan Rao

Hi! I'd suggest learning Vanilla JS properly before moving on to any frameworks.

You can checkout Eloquent JavaScript. Pretty nifty book, don't read it per se, but it can serve your first point for research when trying out something new!

Then if you wish to learn any front-end framework, begin with React or Vue, and overtime make the ascension to Angular.

sphrases profile image

I second this. Maybe think of a way which a current project that you built with html and css could be "enhanced" with some js. Good luck learning :)

yrajaram112 profile image
Yrajaram112 Author

DEVSOR Happy coding

yrajaram112 profile image
Yrajaram112 Author

Thanks for your valuable help.
I shall give it a hit.
DEVSOR Happy coding

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Daniel P

Start by making it fun, there's a good free resource at Idea seems to be around 1 project per day, and after 30 days, you have a much better understanding of js.

freecodecamp has a lot of valuable content too, but I'd rank javascript30 much higher on the fun factor

yrajaram112 profile image
Yrajaram112 Author

Thanks dude.
I am going to give it a hit.
Happy coding

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