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Git Rebase

This week, we're refactoring our console app to practice git rebase and git amend.

After the first time publishing this console app, I found something that I can improve such as duplicate code design, bad formatting with too many spaces and newlines. Later on, my classmates and I added more features and changes to the console app and it bought more duplicate code. I kept telling myself I will definitely come back and fix them... one day.

And this is the day!

I made 3 changes for refactoring my program. Firstly, the missing file exception is thrown by all the options in my application. I made a customize exception to throw the exception message of something like "file missing..." with the input option name. Secondly, I extract the changing console output color and printing status with URL lines of code to a reusable function. I separate them into different colors. The red function is designed to bad/unavailable URL and the green function is designed to good/available URL). By passing the status name (good or available) and the URL, the output message can be customized. Lastly, I remove the extra spaces and newlines, and add the spaces after keywords to improve readability.

After making the above three commits, I use git rebase to squash them into one commit. Then, by using git commit --amend, the commit message is changed to the required format. For practicing git amend command, I intentionally neglect one changed file in my first commit and then use git add <neglected file> and git commit --amend --no-edit to add this file.

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