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My DEV X DO Hackathon Idea (Dont Copy)

Right To The Point

So I thought what project would excite me the most and what project would I need as a user. I thought and pondered for like, 2 minutes when I got the idea ⚡. A portfolio maker. A portfolio builder/maker which allows you to host it right there and then as well kind of like wix or weebly.


The main thing in ideating over a project for an event or hackathon is that what are your strengths. Make something realistic yet wonderful and this can only be made if you have knowledge of many different technologies/frameworks/languages. Plus, don't fret in copying code from someone or using a template, remember they are created for you and if you face imposter syndrome like me then just deal with it.

Well, goodbye, I need to complete it now!

P.S - I will be posting another post about the tech stack I used and why and of course another one which will show the final product and a bit about it.

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