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I recently made this small, open source framework called Neuron JS which is heavily inspired by Express, but just much much better. Neuron JS is much faster and much more lightweight than Express.js being only 5kb in size. It supports 4 different request methods, GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. For CRUD functionality and APIs you would only need these methods. I mean, come on who really uses HEAD and COPY and LINK. Neuron JS also supports all Express middlewares, which means that existing libraries and modules will work just fine. Neuron is also under development for Deno.js since Express is not made for Deno yet. Neuron comes with in-built template engine support. And last but not the least, it is MVC-based. Right now, I am also working on integrating native MongoDB just like Django has integrated SQLite support.

Go to NPM to install Neuron.
Go to Neuron Docs to see how to work with it.
Go to Neuron JS GitHub to check out the source code and file issues.

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