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My First HacktobeFest Experience

What is HacktobeFest?

Hacktoberfest 2020 is a month long virtual festival event to celebrate open source contributions presented by Digital Ocean, Intel and DEV. It is the easiest way to get into open source!

How did I know about HacktobeFest?

I learned about HacktobeFest at a tech talk organised by seven Academy on open source
It was so inspiring how I could learn and apply in the code base of other people.
So I set forth to do by first open source contributions.
I stumbled across several repositories and was able to contribute and send my 4 pull request. In some days later, I recieved notifications telling me that my pull request were merged.
Though all these repositories were just simple repositories teaching me about how to use GitHub and sending pull request,and some of my pull request are yet to get matured it was a great learning opportunity.


  1. Best Programmer Websites
  2. Developer community
  3. Dash2001 HacktobeFest
  4. Arjunadhikary/HacktobeFest
  5. Potentially/HacktobeFest

My thoughts

I learned alot and it was an awesome experience. I was glad I could complete the challenge. From now henceforth, I know how to go by looking into other open source projects and contributing meaningful code.

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Thank you so much HacktobeFest 2020.

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