Would you use this?

yuriguernsey profile image Yuri Alves ・1 min read

What does the Dev community think of a desktop application that can connect to your website directory or website repo, and sync any local changes, either automatically or on a push of a button


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Like some kind of NextCloud x Filezilla ?
It would need to be really different, when we have already so many solutions, but maybe it could be interesting with some features like integrations with Git, Jira, or others...

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Tobias SN

I don’t know, Git seems fine for this.

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Sebastian Vargr

I thought of something similar, making the backend an application, and then have the site be static, publish would be an upload.

It would remove a number of concerns from the web server environment.

Changes could be synced similar to how git manages it and data could be stored locally or in some sort of shared database only access able from the client network.

But I always come back to a web app being better, a hybrid of the two might make sense in certain usecases.

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Sebastian Vargr

The smart thing about this setup would be CMS independence.

If you want to use another you would just have to accept that you cannot use it to edit the old pages.