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Yusuf Turhan Papurcu
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What is “Enough” in new programming language ?

Do you learn new programming language?

Well, what do you think about being enough knowledge about new language?

In this story you can find this questions answer. But it will vary from person to person. So read it and deal with those that interest you. Enjoy :)

In the start learning new language we must search about language. For example, if you search about go, you’ll see that it’s usually used for the web and System scripts. Because go have amazing concurrency specs and can compile for all systems. This mean you must learn go and concurrency methods. And learn web packages. Because if you learn only go , you don’t learn anything new.

But if you are learn web packages, concurrency and GRPC, you are have a mjölnir on your hands.

This example about go but you can adapt this example whatever do you want. And I want to talk about how can you improve your algorithm and language skills. I used the Euler Project for the improve my skills. But Project Euler answer is not available for uncommon languages. And this is only hard problems, this is not measure code quality and performance. I can write small switch/case statements or too long if-else statements. Both is solutions but not same. And I find the Exercism. In there we have a exercises and side exercises. Mentors alerts you to readable and performance codes. If you want you can become a mentor.

You can improve your algorithm and testing skills in this way. But you can’t improve you about frameworks and toolkits. You can try develop real world app with tools and frameworks. This is help you for the adaptive.

You must join developer groups about frameworks and languages. This groups have a a lot of errors questions and problem. But who care about this. Help her if you know the solution, after all, ‘One candle won’t lose its light by igniting another.’ — Mevlana

And them most important thing. Learn Self-Learning. He may not always be the one to help you. And no one knows everything. But the documents know. If you learn how to read and understanding documents , you don’t need support every time.

I hope it was helpful, thank you for reading.

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