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First time participating in the Hacktoberfest event

Hello World!

So this is my first post on yeay! I finally write on this cool platform.
I will tell you about my experience for the first time participating in the hacktoberfest event, especially hacktoberfest 2020.

The beginning

I know the hacktoberfest event has actually been a long time ago, but at that time I was not interested in participating in it. until finally I saw my friends' posts on their social media about hacktoberfest 2020, at first I was still not interested in participating in it but gradually I was curious and asked myself 'hmm..what does it feel like to join this event, it seems interesting' and not long after that I finally opened the hacktoberfest 2020 website and immediately registered with my Github account and started reading the terms.

Create a project

After I read the terms, there were all the pull requests (to anyone's repository) that could be counted. Finally, I thought about making a small project, but I was confused about what to do, the notification on my cellphone appeared and I saw that it was the teacher's job. subject 'OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING' (fyi, I am a student in a vocational high school and my major is software engineering), its task is to create a Java Gui program for food ordering.
'Emm..okey, I can make this as a project for hactoberfest' because from there I can complete my task and fulfill the hacktoberfest pull request target.

as the saying goes, "once rowing two and three islands is exceeded"

Pull request

After making a project on Github I thought that if I was the only one contributing it wasn't interesting, I also asked my friend to help with this task because he was in my class and got the same assignment.
After a few hours he made a pull request to my repo and I accepted the pull request, until finally I did several pull requests and yes the project was finished.

The final word

Maybe it's a bit of my experience following the hacktoberfest2020 event, overall I'm happy to join this event because from there I can collaborate with my friends and make contributions.

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