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KISS alternatives to RN & Electron

I want to develop a small GUI app that I want to package to mobile devices (iOS & Android) and desktops Microsoft Appx / macOS App Store / Flatpak directory.

I have in my team junior web developers knowing to ReactJS in the first place, so I’m thinking about playing with React Native and Electron.

But since my app does not care about accessing native capacities of devices I’m looking for something more minimalist that would not require a big learning effort for my coworkers, I’m thinking after searching the web about using preact and ultralight but I’m not sure it makes my point and I’m open to any suggestions :)

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You can use react website code into electron with few changes since it is a trimmed chromium browser.
Electron js has good documentation too.

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Electron isn't much of a steep learning curve. But it is definitely not lightweight in terms of runtime specs (memory footprint).

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