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Kent C. Dodds | ZDS 074

Kent C. Dodds comes by ZDS to talk about his Epic React Course, his experience in podcasting, thin and THICCC clients, transitioning from Angular to React, And Nx for modularity!! Be sure to check the links below for deeper dives into some of the concepts we touch on in our talk!!

=== Links ===
Epic React:
Kent's Personal Site:
Kent's Discord:
KCD Learning Clubs:
Kent's episode:
3-Minutes with Kent:
Kent's blog, Build vs Buy: Component Libraries edition:
Kent's blog, Why I Love React:
Rich Hickey's talk, Simple made Easy:
Zack's talk, Declarative vs. Imperative; The DeRose Hypothesis on Code Complexity:
Kent's blog, When to useMemo and useCallback:
Kent's blog, Business and Engineering alignment:
Kent's blog, 2010s Decade in Review:

=== Chapters ===
00:00 Shameless Groveling For Likes
0:23 Epic React
7:50 Dunking on Udemy
9:45 Kent's podcasting past and present
15:20 Thin and THICCC Clients
31:20 Systemizing Accessibility
36:10 React and Angular
1:02:00 Nx for modular-ability

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