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What is Internet of Things ( iOT ) ?

IoT stands for the internet of things. This means making the thing manageable with the help of no wire or extension but with the Internet of wifi 📶

IoT is a very simple and interesting Domain of Computer Science in which we can introduce wifi/internet technology to manage our devices. Let's take it briefly with the help of an example 📣

Example 🔍
So, let's suppose we are managing a store room having temperature sensors, and what they do, is to give the alert in the form of a buzzer or message whenever the temperature is raised from the given value. This can be done by IOT - Internet of Things

Another Example 🔎
We can see that most air Conditioners have internet interventions so that where ever we are, we can control our air conditioner placed in our room by our smartphone with a single click. There isn't any source of the act because of the mobile device and air conditioner except wifi/internet. This can be done by IOT

This is the power of IoT 🛡️

IoT is just like that, we are giving the voice to the device to communicate with us about the thing we wanted to.

Taking all the things and connecting to the internet. Using the internet, One can send information, receive information, and do both. It makes things smarter 🔏.


Let's take a drive in IoT
IoT has 4 Components on which it works. With the help of all 4, I can work.

  • Sensors
  • Data Processing
  • Connectivity
  • User Interface

Sensors are the main part of the Device to check or verify the problem. Sensors can sense the danger, Fed by the developer 📨

Data Processing
Data Processing is the key concept of conditions/validation set by the programmer. Whatever the data sent by Sensors are checked and verified by the data processing software. At this stage, the device decide is to act safe or unsafe 📑.

Connectivity is the next stage of the process Iof on. The Processed data is then sent by the internet but before we need internet interventions. After Data Processing, IOT check whether the device is connected to the internet or not if yes, then it will send the data to the fourth stage 📳

User Interface
This is the last and the only readable stage for the general user to understand the problem. So, if the device is Connected by the internet then I will send the data in a manageable and readable manner in the form of a user interface. The user interface could be a mobile application or a Website or notification or maybe a Buzzer 📲.

IOT Devices

Let's take an example of a working model

Elaborating our previous example
So, we have a store room having temperature 🌡️ Sensors installed. The Programmer has set the validations into the software and we already have a designed mobile application where we get to know about the update and alerts 🔊

Sensor sense the temperature increased from 100°C to 101°C so they check the internet connectivity and send the temperature alert to the mobile application

Alerts can be managed by the User interface or mobile application with one Click. Or in the modern Tech world, IoT is super smart that it can manage the alert itself as well ♻️.

Temperature Sensor
This is the real-life example of a temperature sensor made by ❤️ in IoT

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