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Zack Webster
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Toast Notifications with Alpine.js & Tailwind.css

Toast notifications are notifications that silently pop up and fade away. They can be used to indicate events and their status such as if a document was saved successfully.

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Recently, I implemented a basic "toaster" using Alpine.js and Tailwind.css.
You can try it out live here: Toaster Demo


  • "Hook" to create toasts from anywhere - uses Spruce for global state access.
  • Auto-close after a set interval.
  • Close on click.
  • Stack toasts if more than one.
  • Easy to expand.


The following code is what powers the toast system:"toasts", {
    counter: 0,
    list: [],
    createToast(message, type = "info") {
        const index = this.list.length
        let totalVisible = this.list.filter((toast) => {
            return toast.visible
        }).length + 1
            id: this.counter++,
            visible: true,
        setTimeout(() => {
        }, 2000 * totalVisible)
    destroyToast(index) {
        this.list[index].visible = false
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Well, this and the HTML that consumes it.
You can have a look at the full source code here: GitHub Repo

What's Next?

One can add a whole ton of functionality quite easily. Here are a few examples:

  • Close-all button.
  • History
  • Headings and more.
  • Scrolling

That's all for this article. Thanks so much for reading.
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Have a great day.

Top comments (6)

kerns profile image
David Kerns

Zack this is such a great resource, together with all the other tailwind+alpine examples in your repo. Really nice.

It would be nice if there was a little more context as to why we need Spruce, but maybe it will become more clear as I dig in. :)

zaxwebs profile image
Zack Webster • Edited

Thank you for your words, David.

About Spruce, I have it for this as I'd like the ability to invoke the toasts from anywhere. So, a global state management solution seemed like a good idea.

kerns profile image
David Kerns

My understanding is this is a core part of Alpine 3. So maybe this and other examples you’ve made could see Spruce being phased out. 🤔☺️

Thread Thread
zaxwebs profile image
Zack Webster

Alpine 3 came out about 3 months after this post.
But yeah, if I were to redo these now, I'd definitely go with core.

eugenevdm profile image
Eugene van der Merwe • Edited

Wow this is so perfect exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks so much.

Update: I'd like to quantify what I love about this example. It's a MVP "that just works". It uses native libraries. The code is readable. In a nutshell, it's short, and it's sweet.

zaxwebs profile image
Zack Webster

Glad to be of help, Eugene.