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Exam Preparation Courses - Pass Spring Professional Certification (VMware EDU-1202) Exam in 2021

Hello guys, if you are aiming for Spring certification in 2021 and thinking about how to prepare for spring professional certification then you have come to the right place. I am going to show step by step guide on how to prepare for Spring certification in 2021.

Ever since Pivotal (now Vmware), the company behind the Spring framework made the mandatory Spring training optional, I have received many queries from experienced Java developers who are interested in doing Spring certifications.

This move from Pivotal has suddenly made the Spring certification affordable for many experienced Java and Spring developers who were interested in Spring certification earlier but couldnโ€™t progress further due to expensive mandatory training.

Similar to Oracle certifications, Spring certifications are also multiple-choice questions where you need to answer 76% of questions correctly to pass the exam i.e. 38 questions out of 50.

Yes, the passing percentage is higher than Oracle Java certification but the format is similar, hence you can use the same strategy to prepare for Spring certifications like reading a good book, practicing a lot of mock exams, attending a training, preparing your own notes, and participating in web and forums to keep your knowledge up-to-date and revise them often.

The latest Spring framework certification in Spring Core Professional v5.0. It is based upon the latest Spring framework version 5. If you are thinking about Spring certification, I suggest you go for this one because it will provide you a competitive edge over other developers and also help you to learn and master Spring 5 concepts like Reactive Programming.

How to Prepare for Spring Professional 5 Certification (VMware EDU-1202) in 2021

Though, all the tips I have shared to crack Java certifications are equally useful to pass Spring certification as well, Here are my essential tips to prepare for Spring certifications like Spring Professional Certification Exam v 5.0 (VMware EDU-1202)

You just need to go through all exam topics once and a good study guide will help you there. Since you are already familiar with essential annotations, concepts, and workflow, most of the time you will just fill the gaps in your knowledge rather than learning something new.

1. Join a Good Course

If you can afford then there is no better way to prepare for Spring certification than attend the classroom training. Even though Vmware makes the mandatory training optional now, it is still recommended and the best resource to prepare for Spring certifications like Spring Professional Certification and others.

When it comes to preparing for Spring Core Professional v5.0 Certification, there are not many online courses and classroom training available as people are still working on older Spring versions.

Since you need to know Spring 5 concepts for this certification, itโ€™s better to start with a Spring course that focuses on Spring 5 like Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru. This is not just great to learn Spring in general but also get the rock-solid foundation for your certification.

Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru Tutorial

Vmware also provides dedicated 4-day training classes for each certification like Spring Core, Spring Web, and Spring Enterprise. It provides both classroom and online training all over the world.

2. Choose a Study Guide and Book

The second important step to prepare for Spring certification is to buy a good book or Certification Study Guide. Unfortunately, there are not many Spring 5 books and study guides available for Spring certifications.

If you are preparing for the Spring Professional certification exam, then you should read Spring in Action book. The 5th edition of this book is still a work in progress and may be released in a month or so and will cover Spring 5 which is a requirement for Spring professional 5.0 exam.

3. Choose a Spring 5 Simulator (Practice Tests)

Practicing in a real exam like scenario is very important to improve the speed and accuracy requirements to pass Spring certification exams. Since you need to solve 50 questions in 90 minutes and you have to score 76% correct answer, both speed and accuracy is very important.

A good exam simulator not only helps you to improve speed and accuracy but also fill the gaps in your knowledge and help you to find your strong and weak areas.

By practicing and carefully analyzing results you improve your weak areas before appearing for exams. Since the exam voucher cost you 250$ I suggest you spend at least 50$ more on a good book and exam simulator to avoid retaking the exam.
If you need more questions then you can also check out my Spring Practice Exam on Udemy where I have shared 360+ questions covering every exam topic.

Spring Professional Certification Exam - Practice Tests 2021

This course has been structured to coincide with the ๐—ฒ๐˜…๐—ฎ๐—บ ๐˜๐—ผ๐—ฝ๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐˜€ presented in the VMware website.
By using this test bank, you can identify weak areas up front and then develop a solid studying strategy using each of the robust testing features.
Spring Professional Certification Exam Topic-based Test 2021

4. Make your own Notes

I am a big fan of making your own notes even though you are attending the training. It helps in many ways because it actively involves your mind and encourages you to read and explore more about the topic. This active participation improves your knowledge and understanding of exam topics.

It also helps you to organize your knowledge so that you can revise it later close to exam dates. No matter how you are preparing like training, self-study, relying on the job experience, I encourage you to make your own notes as per the syllabus.

Good Luck!

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