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Zecel Manatad
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ABCD learning new things on busy time

Have you been on “I wish i had learned that skills” scenario and you can’t have to learn new things either you are busy at your career or busy for the family.

You can’t just insert new skills in between your schedules for your hectic time?

I will tell you this if you believe you can’t learn new things with your limited time, You are definitely wrong. In fact YOU CAN!


Believe me I’m also into this scenario.

My profession is Software Engineer and with that we should be able to catch up the new buzz on Information Technology. If we are outdated on what we do then we are left behind worst case it will cause our job and we don’t want it that way so we strive for new skills every time.

With tons to learn in this field. If you wanted it you can have it. That’s easy to say but hard to be consistent of.

I can give you my list on how to deal with this.

  1. START


You can’t get to learn new things if you wont have to spare a minute or so to start the skills. Start by STARTING then you won’t believe you have done it by just merely starting. START is also the first and an essential way to learn new skills.



Every time just spare some time maybe just a couple of minute with just reading or doing the skills you want to acquire. By this you’ll have PROGRESS on what you want to achieve. Later on this minute or so tinkering the new skills will be add up and become a major skill. You don’t believe me? TRY IT! Now just set every day what time you can spare a minute or so, for so you can be HEATED UP to learn new things.

What you won’t believe is you have already accumulated the new skills.

This is also with the help of mentors or references.

  1. TEACH


After learning the new skill the best thing to do is to teach it to others also with the spare time you have. You know you’re still busy.

It could be at work or after office hours.

You can teach it to your family or your friends.

Now this sums up my ABCD For learning new skills. You just have to try this and be consistent of what you do. You know Knowledge is POWER! so we should be learning everyday with all sorts of lessons in life.

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