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how to deploy Node js App to Cpanel or Shared Hosting

I have made a video which thoroughly explains the process of deploying node js app with MySQL database to cpanel

check video here

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KentCarter • Edited on

Hello Everyone,

If you want to deploy the Node.js app to cPanel or shared hosting then select the best Node.js hosting company is necessary.

I don't think so it's overhead you can easily deploy your application on multiple Node.js platforms. There are so many beneficial Node.js hosting companies in the market;

  1. DomainRacer
  2. Namecheap
  3. AWS

DomainRacer, Namecheap, and AWS are the top most popular node.js app to cPanel or shared hosting. I am using DomainRacer web hosting services for the last 2 years. And I experience that their services and support are the best and helpful for my business.

I am really happy with DomainRacer web hosting services.

You can check here how to deploy node js on cPanel or shared hosting:

Thank You.....!