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Best WebRTC API Platforms in 2023

WebRTC API is a Google-maintained free and open-source initiative that allows online applications with capabilities such as live video and real-time chat to function natively in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and others. This enables more seamless and engaging online experiences. In the next part, we'll learn about WebRTC API platforms and which ones are the best.

What is WebRTC API Platform?

A WebRTC API platform provides comprehensive tools and WebRTC technology development toolkits. These platforms include APIs that allow developers to easily integrate RTC features, such as video and voice calling, into their web applications. Some examples of WebRTC API platforms include ZEGOCLOUD, Agora, Twilio, etc. These platforms can build various applications, such as video conferencing tools, voice-over IP (VoIP) services, and more.

We’ll look at WebRTC API platforms in detail in the next section.

The Top 5 WebRTC API Platforms to Consider

There are several WebRTC API platforms available, each with its own set of tools and functionality. This list's WebRTC API platforms contain extensive and simple WebRTC API documentation that can be used to set up production-ready WebRTC-based apps.

Without further ado, here are the best five WebRTC API platforms for your real-time communication project:

1. WebRTC platform ZEGOCLOUD

Image description

ZEGOCLOUD is a WebRTC platform that provides software developers with live video conferencing and real-time interactive capabilities via its integration API. White labelling and UI/UI customization are available with their out-of-the-box online collaboration software and video chatting API. Through their API, ZEGOCLOUD's independent software functionalities are available for integration and bespoke use. Their live features concentrate on live video, collaboration, remote work, and webinars.

ZEGOCLOUD provides an excellent API for embedding videos and chatting in apps. It enables increased video interaction through dependable and fast video conferencing. JavaScript, React JS, React Native Android, Flutter, and iOS are among the technologies supported by the platform.

ZEGOCLOUD features.

High-quality live video streams
Cloud recordings
Live chat
Interactive whiteboards
Screen sharing
Content library management and CDN
Enterprise-grade security that is compliant with GDPR.
Virtual avatars and AI effects

ZEGOCLOUD pricing: $0.99/1,000 minutes and free 10,000 call minutes every month.

2. Video SDK WebRTC platform

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The Video SDK is a WebRTC-based framework that increases video conferencing effectiveness. It enables customers to simply incorporate video calls and other features such as polls, Q&A, and whiteboards into their own video conferencing systems. This solution provides an infinite number of private channels as well as powerful video streaming capabilities. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

Video SDK capabilities.

SDK for 5000-person live-streaming that is simple to integrate.
It takes roughly 10 minutes to integrate the code.
Long-term, low-cost solution.
Numerous high-quality channels are available.
Parallel rooms that scale automatically.

Pricing Video SDK is $1.99/1,000 minutes with a monthly allowance of 10,000 minutes.

3. ZujoNow WebRTC platform

This firm offers its clients a scalable video conferencing solution as well as other WebRTC API features such as live-streaming and video calls. It provides customisable SDKs and is well-known for its on-demand video, live-streaming, and real-time communication technologies. This well-designed platform is beneficial to educators as well as other businesses. It offers a complete solution for simple integration with real-time communication, on-demand video, and a content delivery network.

ZujoNow characteristics

There is built-in support for healthcare, education, and dating applications.
There are no video communication gaps.
Encoding video in real time

*ZujoNow pricing: *$3/1000 minutes per participant. No free minute is included.

4. WebRTC platform

Image description is widely regarded as one of the top WebRTC API platforms for developing WebRTC applications.'s visual SDKs deliver real-time video, live-streaming, and recording with flexibility, scalability, and control. Using Daily's iOS and Android SDKs, developers can simply incorporate audio and video into native apps. Real-time audio and video, RTMP live-streaming, custom-layout recording, and other capabilities like as live transcription and virtual backdrops are all supported by the platform. The firm specializes in app support for the live event, education, and internal collaboration markets. features

Compatibility between platforms
Alternatives for intuitive development
Switching between bandwidth and group sessions is done automatically.
Options that are simple to use and have a pre-built API.
Video quality is automatically adjusted.
Global infrastructure for HD RTMP streaming pricing: $4/1000 minutes per participant and free 2,000 minutes.

5. Agora

Agora is a WebRTC platform that provides APIs for enhancing social apps with features such as augmented reality facial masks and sound effects. Screen sharing and whiteboards are useful capabilities for business and education apps. Agora's innovative algorithms enable adaptable video resolution ranging from 96p to 1080p, ensuring improved video quality for customers even when bandwidth is constrained. The platform dynamically adapts resolution based on each user's network circumstances, ensuring that all users have a smooth and lag-free experience even in demanding network situations.

Anyone can simply add realistic audio and video features into their apps using Agora's WebRTC API. It offers SDKs and building blocks to facilitate the implementation of real-time interaction features.

Agora features

The tool delivers an intelligent network for real-time analysis.
Choose a route with 200+ data centers.
Enterprise Platforms.
Low battery use.
It can handle traffic surges.
API selection and UI customization.

Agora pricing: $3.99/1000 minutes and free 10,000 minutes every month.


Finally, there are several high-quality WebRTC API platforms accessible. These platforms include a variety of features and capabilities, including as audio and video conferencing, live streaming, recording, and more. ZEGOCLOUD, Agora, and are some of the top WebRTC API platforms, all of which have been commended for their versatility, scalability, and ability to deliver a seamless and lag-free user experience.

If you're interested in developing a WebRTC-based application, please see our documentation or blog for example demos and how-to instructions.

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