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Live Streaming integration for Developers

zegotech profile image ZegoTech ・1 min read


  1. Live Interactive Video Streaming
    Our Live Interactive Video Streaming service supports one-to-one video call, one-to-many video broadcasting and many-to-many video conferencing. It can be used in many different scenarios where video interaction is required, such as video social networking, group video conferencing, online classroom, etc.

  2. Real-Time Audio Streaming
    Our Real-time Audio Streaming service supports one-to-one voice chat, one-to-many voice conversation (up to millions of participants), applicable to VoIP phone services, ganging-up in games, internet radio stations and so on.

  3. Audio/Video Recording and Archiving
    Our Audio/Video Recording and Archiving service empowers enterprises with on-premises video witness system that can meet various legal and compliance requirements. It can be used for video witnessing of bank account opening, brokerage account opening, in-person interview and other events.

  4. Voice Chatroom
    Our Voice Chatroom service supports simultaneous speaking in group voice chat, background music and sound effects. It allows users to keep the chat active in the background while switching to other applications.


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