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zejnilovic profile image Saša Zejnilović ・1 min read

TL;DR: Awesome repo

In the last couple of weeks, I have seen a lot of custom made lists and suggestions for apps, frameworks and others, which is fantastic. A good tip is an excellent way to jumpstart someone's work or project. A curated list from someone experienced is just irreplaceable.

With that said, allow me to present to you Github's repo called Awesome. This repository is full of different lists of impressive open-source applications, libraries and frameworks for a plethora of usages.

Please have a look. Give some of them a try. I know it helped me a lot of times. Sometimes it even sparks an idea.

Good luck and happy coding!


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They are indeed awesome - I have bookmarked and made them public for easy searching almost all of them: bookmarks.dev/search?q=%5Bawesome-...