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Working from home

Zeno Rocha
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For the next two weeks, I'll be working from home.

I once worked for one year and a half remotely and learned a lot about maintaining focus.

Here are some tips for those of you who are going through this experience for the first time:

  1. Resist the temptation of waking up and starting to work right away. Take your time. Have breakfast. Read a little bit. Then start.

  2. Go exercise and have a shower before the day starts. This will completely change your productivity. It's an investment of time.

  3. Routine is not your enemy. Routine is your best ally.

  4. Be patient and educate others who live with you. They are probably not used to having you at the house.

  5. Don't eat at your desk. Have lunch away from your computer (and phone).

  6. Overcommunicate and be transparent. If you have to step away for some reason, just change your Slack status and let your team know.

  7. Know when to stop.

What are your personal tips?

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Yassine Tounsi

Setting objectives at the beginning of the day is also very important... I usually write down 3 to 6 tasks to achieve, I feel motivated all the day in order to complete all of them. But, I apply item 7 as well. If I didn't reach the target that's fine, at least I know I did my best during the day.

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Zeno Rocha Author

That's totally true. Planning your day is a big part of staying productive at home. It gives you a north to follow.

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Helder Burato Berto • Edited

Some tools I use to organize my days maybe can help you:

I'm opened to discuss about remote work :)

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Zeno Rocha Author

I never heard about Whereby, it looks nice!

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Helder Burato Berto

We use it a lot at the company I work for, it was known as "appear" but changed to "whereby".