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DevOps: the next level

Daniele Fontani
・1 min read

Ten years and more passed since Patrick Debois coined the term DevOps, in 2009. In the IT world, nothing is definitive. All the technologies and techniques continue to evolve following an innovation trend that we cannot stop.
We cannot merely say: “I’m tired of changing; please give me a rest.” The only option is to be ready for the change.

In DevOps, there is a significant change because of the rise of the cloud and the market, always more demanding.

The DevOps philosophy was adopted by most companies and bring essential improvements to quality and cost-saving. Anyway, the DevOps scenario is continuously evolving and adapting to the new market requirements.
In this article, we will analyze the new frontiers of DevOps and what to know to keep up with the times. Let’s see in this article what are the latest trends to follow.

Most essential keywords in this change are:

  • Cloud
  • Automation
  • Assembly Pipeline
  • NoOps

Most of them converge to the same goal: use the technologies to improve the quality process.

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