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Daniele Fontani
Daniele Fontani

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Node.JS DevOps: Simplify Your Life with GitHub Actions

n this article, I will share with you the configuration that I have adopted for deploying MESS (MongoDB Event Sourcing System), my first Node.js opensource project. The configuration is a single YAML file that unlocks infinite powers to your GitHub repository.
What I realized here is a simple configuration that satisfies all the basic needs of a nowadays enterprise application:

  • automatically version code
  • run test on every release
  • publish artefact to NPMJS (in case you have a library or you are delivering through NPM)
  • publish your docker container ready to go to a container repository

All these features may seem hard to be reached, but you will discover that will come more or less out of the box using
GitHub actions.
Read the full article and learn how :)

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