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The Month of October 2020

The Intro

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This, month I have a had ups and downs with the first being me successful completing 4 pull requests for Hacktoberfest. But I am not exactly proud of all my contribution 2 of them were for school purposes and the other 2 that I did were fairly minor in that I wrote very minimal code. This blog will be me going over The other 2 pull requests that were minor and why it was difficult to work on larger pull requests.

The Contributions

I did two prs that actually matters the 1st one was the one I wrote a blog about in the first week of October This was a great pr to get started on and I enjoyed with working with something I was comfortable with. The last pull request was my first pull request on telescope This was a good intro to the telescope project but the problem was I did this pull request in the last week of October. Those were my contributions that mattered.

The Problem

So, The biggest problem I made was me giving my self enough time to finish more pull requests and the other problem was me being to sacred to get involved in bigger issue like I learned from telescope just setting up the dev environment helps with getting involved in a project. I should have just picked a project I like earlier and set it up on my local machine. I did not, instead I spent hours and days scrolling through GitHub finding the perfect issue I could contribute to. But, I would just never find anything that felt comfortable so I would just look more and that ended with the month ending and me not finding anything that felt like a great contribution and was not a few lines of code.

The Plan

November is a new month and I plan to contribute more to telescope but I also want to finish the 2 pull requests I did not this month and contribute to something more than a few lines of code. This will require better time management and more just going for it and setting up the dev environment for a project that seems interesting. The time cost of getting the dev environment is a better investment then scrolling through issues on GitHub. It a much more hands on experience and I am learning something wile setting up dev environments instead of scrolling through GitHub.

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