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Zhoha Damani
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Join the #100daysofcode challenge now.

I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days.

I’ve decided to make this a public commitment.

And you should join me.

Like many other people to track your progress, fork this repo:
You can create a code log website like me,

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NOTE: For the most updated information on the challenge visit:
The 100DaysOfCode Official Website

The reasons why I have started this challenge are :

  1. I am just starting out and it scares me that there are so many things and languages that I don't know and have to learn, I
    really want to become a better developer. But I find that after work, I always find other things to do rather than code.

  2. This will help me focus at least an hour of my time coding new projects and learning new stuff.

  3. It will also help me build my portfolio.

That’s why I want to make sure that I commit to a challenge that will keep me accountable to anyone who follows me or sees my updates.
Making a public commitment has proven to improve people’s ability to stick to changes and new habits. So let’s do this together!

It’s easy to kick back and start watching a show, but difficult to stop. Especially during times like now, it is almost impossible to get the courage to work on something due to the lockdown, our boredom and laziness has gone to the roof.
With things that are worthwhile like learning something new or getting better at coding or a language, I find that it’s hard to start, but very easy to continue.
So with this challenge, I will make sure that I start (sit down to code) every day no matter what.

I hope you got some things out of this article, it’s my first one as I just started to get into writing so I’m sorry about any typos whatsoever.
I just really wanted to put out something and tell my story.

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