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open source Node.js RPC framework project

i created a new open-source project on github.

it is written in TypeScript , based on Node.js API.

it is high performance and extensible.

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jigsaw.use API is similar to koa API so you can create a JSON-RPC middleware extension to make it support JSON-RPC.

welcome your contribution!

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Hey Wyatt, nice framework i had a quick look on github and i really like it. Where do you want to take this project next?

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Appreciate it! see, i am also building its ecosystem. like jigsaw-restful and jigsaw-net, jigsaw-restful is a project that use jigsaw-rpc to build a Restful API service. And it provide a adapter to HTTP Server. So you can access the Restful API service by both Jigsaw-RPC and a HTTP Client. And jigsaw-net make all jigsaws become a LOGIC-NETWORK. So they can access each others easily and freely.