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Find the right project

Hello everybody,
How do you deal with periods when you really want to code, but you don't have the faintest idea of ​​what to code?

I would like to find a very interesting project to contribute to, but every time I compare myself with the difficulty and size of the projects, I fall back. For example, I'd really like to support openssl, but it's so complicated and so big that it would take a lifetime to figure out what's been done.

For many people, even having a stupid idea is enough: snake game, to do app, etc ... But I need to find a project that is worthwhile, that gives me a purpose and that has a real purpose. For example I envy Debian programmers who help create medical software, the social impact is very important. (Obviously I don't understand anything about medicine :D )

Probably the problem is that I have too much to do with system jobs (I deal with IAM), this job doesn't open the mind much, it is very repetitive, it does not give inspiration.

I tried to learn different languages ​​to open up new paths, but once I have finished learning the dilemma returns: what project do I create now? First I learned Java, then Python, then some frameworks like Flask, Django, and nothing ...

And you? What projects do you contribute to? Are you passionate about it? What advice do you give?

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You mentioned above that you have no knowledge of the medical field. What if you were to learn about the medical field (or some other area you think has real value), their procedures and protocols, and start looking for problems that have a software solution? This is how a lot of software projects get started - people that have knowledge in a field encounter a problem in the field, and write some code to fix the problem. Just a thought. :-) Good luck!