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Top 5 vscode tips & tricks

If your are a developer for quite some times you will be familiar with these names. These top 5 vscode tips will make you code efficiently.

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Emmet is a life saver for any developer who is working with any kind of language. Emmet makes it easier to write code faster. Emmet is just a auto compelete tool. It auto compelete your syntax based on what your writing.

command Pallete
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Command Pallete is shortcut way of finding any of the vscode functionality. It's the fastest way to open any thing in vs code without touching the mouse. Just type and open it.

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SidePanel As a developer you are mostly engaged with the keyboard most often. And It make you efficient when you are using mouse less or not using it. So, It is a pain to open or close side panel. It's ctrl + b and it's done now you can go with your coding.

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Prettier Its a real pain when you have format your code. And prettier makes it easier to format your code and forget about formating. You need to just install prettier and your are done. set it to save on format.

Bracket coloraizer 2
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Bracket coloraizer 2 is a extension which highlight your brackets. When their is too many code you find it difficult to find the specific bracket. And bracket coloraizer made it easier for you. If you need to now the a specific bracket opening and ending tag just select a tag and it will highlight the opening and ending of that tag.

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Bernhard Döbler

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

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Juan Hernández

Now vscode have an option to colorize the brackets without extensions