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5 articles about Web Accessibility that are worthy of your time


Web Accessibility should never be considered as an afterthought in any project that you are involved in. In this article you'll learn about 5 articles about Web Accessibility that will prove to you why you should build and design your next web project with accessibility in mind from the onset.

Reminder: Accessibility can’t be solved automatically

This article is about a WordPress plugin named WP Accessibility and the author clearly states the plug-in absolutely will not solve your accessibility problems.

Why mention WordPress? Over 30% of websites are built on WordPress.

The author concludes:

But in the meantime, here’s your reminder: no plug-in, toolbar, or overlay is “fixing” your accessibility problems. They may be sticking a piece of used duct-tape over the gap, but the problem is still there. A tiny change to the underlying structure might break the so-called “fix”, or the fix may cause other, even bigger problems.

Accessibility: why you should get on board

The article explains why accessibility is important and how to test for accessibility in your web application and ensure they meet certain requirements although the author concludes:

Whilst meeting all those requirements will help make things accessible, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be able to access your website or service.

Why accessibility is an important part of Customer Experience (CX)

You are not your user but your users can be your customers. It's always best to keep them in mind when working on your project.

The article is from Nomensa Humanising Technology Blog, they argue that Digital Accessibility is an integral part of Customer Experience.

They discussed three aspects of Web Accessibility:

  • Measurement
  • Activities
  • Integration

They conclude:

Whatever your next step, we hope you are able to start the journey in your organisation towards a more mature view of accessibility. Many aren’t on this journey, so the land ahead is fertile.

Web Accessibility Checklist

The article explains in detail 15 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility.

I promise it's worth your time.

The article concludes:

The best way to test the accessibility of your site is to test with real people with a range of disabilities.

A Responsive Accessible Table

When you want to present data in tabular format, it should be responsive and accessible.

In this article Adrian Roselli details how to achieve that. His technique uses JavaScript and the table will not occupy the full width of the browser viewport on smaller devices, for that you can combine his technique withe Chris Coyier technique which was published in 2011 about Responsive Data Tables.

Adrian concludes:

This collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will not work for all cases. More complex tables, bigger tables, tables with different kinds of content, and so on, will all test the limits.

Hopefully there is enough information and context here from which you can build your own solution that fits your or your project’s needs.


All articles are a worthy read and you'll gain knowledge about Web Accessibility when you embark on your next Web project.

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