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Kat Marchán
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Kat's Mastodon Quickstart for Twitter Users

So you like Twitter, but you're curious about Mastodon? You've come to the right place. I'll make this real quick for you, and you can explore further from there, if you want to get more out of it. My setup is pretty straightforward and lets me post to both Twitter and Mastodon as needed, and maintain both communities easily.

Step 1: Get an Account

A defining feature of Mastodon is that you can make an account on many different servers, but those servers can talk to each other (aka "Federation"). Picking a server and signing up for it is the first step, but it can be daunting, with so many choices, so let's simplify:

P.S. You can always move to a new account. Mastodon has a migration feature that leaves a "tombstone" behind and helps you move over to your new account. Don't sweat this choice too much!

Step 2: Link Mastodon ↔ Twitter

  1. Go here and authenticate with both accounts. It's safe.
  2. Go here and enable crossposting both ways (if that's what you want).
  3. BONUS: Copy my advanced settings:

Step 3: Get a Mobile Client

  • Android: There's an Official App, or Tusky
  • iOS: There's an Official App, or Toot!
  • Windows/macOS/Linux: Sengi
  • Or, just use the web interface, which is pretty good! It also works as a Progressive Web App, so you can set it up as a "standalone" app!

Step 4: Make Friends!

  • Check out your instance's local and federated timelines for interesting stuff.
  • Link this article on Twitter and get your friends to join.
  • Follow me on Mastodon:
  • Send me a message by @-ing hello world!

Step 5: Sh*tpost

Do the thing! Welcome to the Fediverse 💞

If you want a more in-depth guide, check out

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Fábio Emilio Costa

Also, for a nice multiplatform client for Mastodon (and other social networks), you can use Rambox

fabiocosta0305 profile image
Fábio Emilio Costa

Nice stuff. Can I translate this for Portuguese?

zkat profile image
Kat Marchán

go for it