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Based on kivy 2.0 Python3

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Cross-K Visual GUI App engine Based on kivy 2.0 Python3

Based on kivy 2.0 python framework. GPL-3.0 License with avavailable source code.
CrossK is a small but conspiratorial app engine based on kivy opengles2.0 in background.
Created to make future fast and quick. No builds losing time any more.


Create multiplatform target builds with real time net driver.
Basic : 2D UI visual app creator. Future features player, networking, 3d/2d canvas based engine.
Because html5 is excluded for now from this story maybe some real time networking makes fit for
all platforms.
In basic we can create server-client native application for any platform (desktops, android)
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Youtube presentation:

Screen shot details box:

Alt Text

After cloning this project only need to install python3, pip3and kivy 2.0 framework You need first time to create kivy_venv:

Windows command line

python3 -m c kivy_venv
Activate env before run engine
Windows command

Bash command

source kivy_venv/Scripts/activate
pip3 install kivy[full] kivy_examples
pip3 install --upgrade pip wheel setuptools
pip3 install docutils pygments pypiwin32 kivy.deps.sdl2 kivy.deps.glew --user
pip3 install docutils pygments pypiwin32 kivy.deps.sdl2 kivy.deps.glew
pip3 install kivy
pip3 install kivy.deps.gstreamer
pip3 install kivy.deps.angle
pip3 install --upgrade pyinstaller
pip3 install python-for-android

cd submodules/
docker build --tag=p4a --file Dockerfile .
If you have problem with:

pip3 ...
Then use this format
pip3.9 install ...
python3 -m pip install
Run Engine:
You can use it like this if have some paths problem kivy_venv/Scripts/python.exe.

Package System

Pack Application for windows10 with GUI command.

Manual you can package whole engine not just application project.

kivy_venv/Scripts/python.exe -m PyInstaller --onefile --name CROSSK_PROJECT1 --distpath packages/projectTest --workpath .cache/

docker run \
--interactive \
--tty \
--volume "G:\web_server\xampp\htdocs\PRIVATE_SERVER\PYTHON\cross-k\cross-k\":/home/user/testapps \
p4a sh -c
'. venv/bin/activate \
&& cd testapps \
&& python apk \
--sdk-dir $ANDROID_SDK_HOME \
--ndk-dir $ANDROID_NDK_HOME'

docker run --interactive --tty --volume "/G/web_server/xampp/htdocs/PRIVATE_SERVER/PYTHON/cross-k/cross-k/submodules/python-for-android/testapps":/home/user/testapps p4a sh -c ". venv/bin/activate && cd testapps && python apk --name='nidzasdl2' --version=0.5 --bootstrap=sdl2 --sdk-dir $ANDROID_SDK_HOME --ndk-dir $ANDROID_NDK_HOME "


p4a apk python3 --name='nidzasdl2' --version=0.5 --bootstrap=sdl2 --sdk-dir=/usr/lib/android-sdk --ndk-dir=/home/user/android-ndk/android-ndk-r20


wget -c

export ANDROIDSDK="/usr/lib/android-sdk"
export ANDROIDNDK="/home/user/android-ndk/android-ndk-r20"
export ANDROIDAPI="28" # Target API version of your application
export NDKAPI="20" # Minimum supported API version of your application
export ANDROIDNDKVER="r20" # Version of the NDK you installed
export PATH=/usr/lib/android-sdk/:$PATH
export PATH=/usr/lib/android-sdk/cmdline-tools/3.0/bin/:$PATH
source /etc/bash.bash
source .bashrc

sudo su

docker cp C/Users/Nikola Lukic/Downloads/ CONTAINER_ID:/usr/lib/android-sdk
android tools still needed to install
docker commit 3ecefc2ff45d crossk/android:ver2
(non project files) => Files from marked folder are not in active dependency of this software. (Auto generated) => Usually dont edit dont use it (VisualCode/debugger) => You can find help script for python debugger from MS Visual Code Editor.

├── .cache/ (Auto generated)
├── .vscode/ (VisualCode/debugger)
├── components/ (empty for now)
├── demos/ (not project files)
├── (Engine Instance)
├── (App Instance)
├── engine/
| ├── assets/
| ├── common/
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| ├── editor/
| | └──
| | └──
| | └──
| | └── Future visual node sub editor,text script for now
| | └──
| | └──
| ├── (Engine editor config)
| ├── Main Engine File
| ├── Main Final App File [Used for package proccess]
| ├── kivy_venv/ (Auto generated - env libraries)
| ├── projects/ (Auto generated - Project files)
| ├── shader-editor/ (non project files)



  • Add option solution for dimension ref system
    (use pixels, percents or combine)

  • Add option solution for frameLayout and
    position hint also.
    (use pixels, percents or combine)

  • Manage scene element

    • Details box with save options
    • SceneContainer to select and preview render elements in left side of engine window -scroll added
    • AssetsContainer to select and preview assets items in left side of engine window -scroll added
  • Add Element type:

    • Button element
    • Label element
    • CheckBox element
    • Picture Clickable
    • Layouts (dinamic with props) element
  • Layouts - Handle sub components

  • Layouts ( Details commands:

    - Add button

    - Add Label

    - Add layout )

  • CrossK Scripter, Basic script bind attacher for live (app) buttons.


  • Operation ( Type of Asset: - imageResource, - fontResource)
  • OperationAdd


  • Package for windows [SUPPORTED]
  • Package for Linux [SUPPORTED]
  • Package for android [NOTESTED]
  • Package for macOS [NOTESTED]


  • Test kivy solution [NOTESTED]
  • Test canvas solution (if ti posible) [NOTESTED]
  • Test opengles2/3 in native canvas manir [NOTESTED]

Android WIP
Best choose Linux Ubuntu

pip install python-for-android
For windows users use docker

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