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Reviewing Three Asp.Net Core Tutorials

In my process of learning, in parallel to my C# projects, I am going forward with Asp.Net core, researching current practice and future trends. I came across three interesting tutorials, that combine these.

I try to be less elaborate with the review, just not to confuse the reader with too many details. Try all tutorials, and provide your feedback about them! I am a fan of learning from multiple sources, gradually, increasing complexity and depth step by step.
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This one, is aiming to build a nice admin LTE background, and use several practical HTML/JS tips.

The part I liked in this tutorial:

  1. uses MySQL instead of MS SQL, with EF Core
  2. Introduces Logging
  3. Uses admin lte template, with all css/js dependencies, and uses also a custom login page
  4. provides code repo on GitHub.
  5. I see this tutorial as the most impactful to my activities, due to the business-like layout and approach.

What I didn't like about this tutorial:

  1. Towards the end of it, it becomes superficial in explanation, hard to follow and understand
  2. When I started to host the published version - somehow the admin lte is not working, and displays a mess.
  3. The Role-Based Authorization part - I am not able understand this, something more detailed and systematic is needed, with better, step-by step explanations.


This aims combining Asp.Net Core Razor pages with lots of javascript APIs from the internet, especially those focused on maps and geolocation. I find this tutorial very high quality and easy to follow.

The pros of this tutorial:

  1. Combines lots of internet APIs together with Asp.Net Core/Razor
  2. Easy to follow despite its complexity
  3. Very high quality explanations and step-by-step approach;
  4. Provides GitHub Repo with code.

Some of the hardships:

  1. Some complexity especially on the Javascript part;
  2. The libraries and .net core version seem to be old;

This is Tim Corey's next tutorial, an easy introduction to Blazor Server Side. This is some very new technology and his explanations are easy to follow and shared lots of best practices.

The pros:

  1. Latest technology;
  2. Very easy to follow, excellent explanation;
  3. Shares some nice best practices with organizing the code and database access;
  4. Code provided.

The cons:

  1. The example seems to be very simplistic, I would like to see a more complex application presented.(maybe a next version for him)
  2. The technology presented is still not widespread. Waiting to see how Blazor proves to be in 2020 and later. Clearly Blazor Server Side is more stable, but Client side is not yet production ready.

What kind of similar tutorials would you recommend? I am especially interested in the combination of html/js/css with Razor pages (not Blazor, yet) with a focus for business applications.

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