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Coding boot camp was a great experience for me. I attended a small, locally run, class in Chicago and had a wonderful time and got my first junior dev job as a result. Now I've moved on to a second company I consider my dream job and feel fortunate every day to work there.

Prior to attending the boot camp I had never been to college and spent ten years working as a roughneck on oil rigs. Now I work at a company that makes drilling automation software for oil rigs. It's the perfect job! In our office we have office tech people and field guys, and they don't speak the same language and have nothing in common. I'm in a good position to bridge that gap. Most of the devs I work with have little understanding of what the software actually does in the field and I'm able to explain it to them since I worked out there for ten years, I teach them and they teach me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the boot camp in Chicago.


That's a cool story. How long was that program and what did they teach? Are you able to apply that on that job?


It was a typical 12 week program. Ruby on Rails back end and Angular front end. My first job was with a company in Washington DC and the government application we worked on had a ROR backend and a React front end. So the ROR experience definitely helped and I picked up some React while there. So to answer your question, yes, I have applied what I learned at the boot camp to both jobs.

At my company now, all the algos are in Java. I don't work on them at all. It's funny that I understand what they are doing better than many of the devs, but I can't contribute to the Java code, not yet anyways, maybe some day. I work on the UI that the guys on the rigs use and the engineers and geologists in the offices use, it's an Angular SPA.

So I would definitely recommend going to a bootcamp if you have experience in a particular field and want to move into a dev roll in that same field.

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