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10 Useful Chrome Extensions You Will Like

In this article, I will introduce 10 Google Chrome extensions.

1. Daily 2.0 - Source for Busy Developers

This extension shows you articles that are related to #webdev.

You can also contribute to Daily 2.0.

Alt Text

2. JSONView

I'm using JSONView to check JSON data. Mostly see API responses.

3. OneTab

OneTab can help us to manage tabs which can also reduce memory usage.

4. OctoLinker

OctoLinker creates links to libs which you are using for your project.
This is very helpful to check a lib quickly.

Alt Text

5. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer shows us things websites are using.
The following image is from

Alt Text

6. Octotree

Octotree shows the sidebar like project explorer. This is really helpful to access the codes on Github.

Alt Text

7. Refined GitHub

Refined Github can make Github UI more useful. Especially, I like pull request feature.

Alt Text

8. Toggle JavaScript

Toggle JavaScript can switch on/off js without opening settings.

9. GitHub Repository Size

This extension shows you the size of the lib's files' size on Github.

Alt Text

10. ColorPick Eyedropper

I'm using this to check the color of things on a website.

Alt Text

Others I'm using

Grammarly for Chrome

React Developer Tools

Redux DevTools

uBlock Origin


The Great Suspender

Suggestions from readers

30 Seconds of Knowledge from @marcoribeiroweb

This extension shows us nice tips on programming.

Alt Text

Toby for Chrome from @lyavale95

This extension helps to manage tabs. However, it has one issue to me since this extension prevents using Daily 2.0 lol

Top comments (14)

idoshamun profile image
Ido Shamun

Thank you very much for featuring Daily here! :)

nimrodkra profile image
Nimrod Kramer


0xkoji profile image

Thank you for such an amazing tool!

cutiko profile image
Erick Navarro

Grammarly for the won! xd

flrichar profile image
Fred Richards

One of my favorites is Caret. A sublime text like clone in a chrome extension? Why yes. Useful in lightweight situations like a travel Chromebook.

0xkoji profile image

Looks good. Thank you for sharing the info!

johnnyxbell profile image
Johnny Bell

Some good ones here I’ve never heard of! Amazing thanks!

marcoribeiroweb profile image
Marco Ribeiro

Thank you for these extensions!

I would like to suggest "30 Seconds of Knowledge" aswell. :)

0xkoji profile image

@marcoribeiroweb thank you for sharing the info.
I will add 30 Seconds of Knowledge to the article.

limitcracker profile image
Ioannis Gyftakis

Great Suspender is a good one. Especially with Chrome being so RAM hungry. I donated some $ also.

ferricoxide profile image
Thomas H Jones II

Dunno that I've seen Chrome lose its mind quite the way trying to use gMail on Firefox does. Nothing like trying to open a new tab and the browser saying "nope" – or even just switch to an existing tab – when you've made the mistake of leaving a gMail tab or two sit open for an hour or so.

lyavale95 profile image

Also the Toby extension is kinda cool, you can save your access and organize it easily, in dashboard.
For the learning stuff is pretty useful :)

0xkoji profile image

Toby looks good. I will add Toby to the article!
Thanks, @lyavale95

kolojde profile image

My favourite browser is