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openbase is Very Useful When You Choose JS Library for Your Project πŸŽ‰

What is openbase ?

Find and compare open-source packages with user reviews, categorization, and unparalleled insights about packages' popularity, reliability, activity, and more.

As you know, there are so many or too many packages for JavaScript and TypeScript. I think some of you have had a tough time picking the right JavaScript/TypeScript package for your project.

My method to choose a package from npm

  1. Search keywords on npm

  2. Check description, the number of downloads, and the last update

  3. Go to the GitHub page and scan Readme(+demo) and official doc then check issues and PRs quickly
    If issues and PRs have been left for a long time, it would be a sign to avoid using

I pick up 3-4 npm packages through the above steps.
Basically, I don't choose a too bad package for projects, however, infrequently I need to back my shortlist.
Then I think I could get more information easily when I was in the process. Like reviews for packagesπŸ“¦. Actually, we could find out so much information from docs, blogs, and StackOverflow, but it would need to check several pages which is troublesome 😭😭😭

πŸ‘ openbase has Reviews πŸ‘

openbase allows us to compare JavaScript libraries since it has statical information and reviews on the same page.
This is really useful to research libraries for a project.
The reviews have stars as the rating that is helpful to judge the reviews.



πŸ‘ openbase allows us to access tutorial easily πŸ‘

You can check tutorials when you click tutorial in the sidebar. I think this is super cool functionality since sometimes libraries don't have enough information to try very quickly on ReadME.

πŸ‘ openbase can suggest alternatives πŸ‘

If you click Alternatives in the sidebar, openbase will show you alternatives. This is very useful to create your shortlist. However, if you click Alternatives when you are checking React, the result will be Vue or Svelte etc lol

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In fact it is a great solutions. Recently I used more to check react-native packages form my projects and the reviews and numbers of download and last commits showed by openbase help me to do a right choice.

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