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Ngrok Alternative The Alternative of ngrok

I like ngrok since it's easy to use and can use it for free. Then I saw an article on an alternative.

Expose local servers to the internet
No installation, no signup

How to Use

$ ssh -R 80:localhost:3000
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Easy easy easy which is super nice

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John • Edited

Hi Koji, the coolest feature I like about serveo is how it reuses using an already existing program (openssh-client) that is available on almost all computers. The author was really clever thinking of reusing this basic function as the client for their service.

I wrote a similar program but its geared more toward substituting small-to-medium sized VMs on the cloud, which are great for indie hackers, but can add up, especially if they're not being used heavily.

You can find it here, The free tier is good for most casual users and it includes more features, a container, and manages your certs from Let's Encrypt automatically.

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Server down.