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Use Coral EdgeTPU USB Accelerator on macOS

Last year I posted the following to use a Coral EdgeTPU USB Accelerator since it only supported Debian based OS like Ubuntu and Raspbian etc.

However, Google has announced that Coral EdgeTPU USB Accelerator supports macOS and Windows.

In this post, I will introduce how to use Coral EdgeTPU USB Accelerator with macOS.


1. Install runtime

$ curl -O
$ unzip
$ cd edgetpu_runtime
$ sudo bash
$ chmod 755 && bash
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2. Install python package

In this post, I will install cp36 since I'm using python 3.6

pip install
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If you are using 3.5/3.7, you can find out the link here

After finish these 2 steps, you can try sample program.

Pre-trained MobileNet model + OpenCV
With VirtualBox sometimes I got errors on runtime, but so far with macOS I don't have any issues.

Alt Text

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Priyab Dash

HI how to get one Coral EdgeTPU USB online

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