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Sanket Patel
Sanket Patel

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Is it okay if I publish the post I write here, to the too?

Obviously with back-link to

I would also love to know, what you prefer to reach out to more people as developers are spread-ed across many platforms.


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Jonathan Irvin

In my experience, the group at has been much more welcoming than Medium.

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Joe Hobot

Because Medium is not same?

Medium = Everything about Anything from Anywhone
Dev = Dev/Ops = "a.k.a Geeks"

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Jonathan Irvin

Medium isn't the same as DEV. It's more of a general audience. DEV is more niche.

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Felix Pojtinger

DEV is FLOSS as well, whereas Medium is proprietary!

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Sanket Patel Author

Yes it is. That's why want to keep this as a original source. And feeling really fortunate to have such an awesome community. But I was just thinking to give a try there as well to know thoughts from the people who are not here.


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Darryl Norris

Re-posting articles should be ok. As long you use the Canonical URL. and Medium both support Canonical URL.

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Thomas H Jones II

A few years back (2011?), there used to be great multi-poster service. With it, you'd select a "cardinal" blog-site and duplicate-to blog-sites. You'd write your articles on the "cardinal" site, then the service would see the new post and replicate it out to your duplicate-to sites. At the time, I had Blogger as my cardinal site with Tumblr, WordPress and three or four others as duplicate-tos.

I wasn't so much doing it to ensure visibility to other developers (I assume that few people find my stuff relevant since it often seems I'm writing about corner-cases) but as a way to help myself cope with our corporate content-filters at the time. See, I mostly blog for my own needs — they act as a repository of "lessons learned" that I can re-reference as needed (avoiding the whole "dead links" and "different results to the same query" problem that comes with using Google over time). Problem was, dealing with our corporate web-filter was kinda like whack-a-mole: any given week, a different blogging platform would be black-listed. Having content-dupes meant I could usually find a least one copy that was reachable from work.

Sadly, that formerly free product became a for-fee service. Don't even remember its name, any more, or whether it's still around.