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"Transcriptube" - maintain the habit of reading news, podcast

Overview of My Submission

In the the era of of fast internet we can listen or watch any news or podcast by a single tap without any hassle. But because of this facility we don't need to read any words, which is disrupting our reading habits day by day. To maintain this good habit we can read any article or podcast instead of listening.
Here This Transcriptube web application comes to play a major role.
we can easily transcribe any youtube video by just providing the URL of that video

After submitting the URL the backend process will start:

  • First it will fetch the youtube video of given link through SocialDownloader API.
  • It will take a few seconds. After that the API will generate the link of downloadable mp4 video.
  • As soon as the link get fetched the deepgram API will pick it and starts generate the the transcript of the video. This process can take upto 5 minutes!
  • After generating the whole transcript will fetch the data and comes to the frontend.

Now I have created it just for Youtube videos but in future I'll enable it for any vocal media link.

Land on the Home Page

Home Page

Submission Category:

Accessibility Advocates

Link to Code on GitHub

GitHub logo 8-bit-souvik / Transcriptube

Transcript any voice or podcast from youtube using Deepgram api


Transcript any voice or podcast from youtube!

Tools used:

  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • EJS template engine

Resources used:

Deepgram API
SocialDownload API


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Additional Resources / Info

Tools used:

Resources used:

On Action

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